The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, 200 years after the Greek Revolution, brings the past into the present! How would we be informed if we lived in 1821?

“Live news” in Twitter takes us for a timetravel, to “live” 1821 as if it was today. Historical facts of the Greek War of Indipendence, biographical data, personal testimonies and images are presented in a continuous stream through the special twitter account @News1821.

The corresponding twitter account @Eidiseis1821 has been created for the Greek-speaking public.

The implementation of the project undertakes Long Run Productions. Elias Pantazis, a historian specializing in Public History, is responsible for the historical research, while Vallia Rapti, research associate at the NHRF Institute for Historical Research, is the historical advisor to the program. English texts are curated by Alexandra Pel and Tom Grandfield and the graphics were created by Paschalis Zervas and Olga Antonea.

The project is part of the actions for the Initiative 1821-2021.

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