The collection of personal archives, donated to the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, form an integral part of the Historical Library and its individual collections.

The archival material contained in the Archive of Kostoula Mitropoulou and the Archive of Admiral Christos Dounis has already been processed (sorted and catalogued).

 The Archive of Kostoula Mitropoulou was catalogued in September 2010 by a special team, consisted of Ioanna Romiou, Zoe Charalambous, Mary Kapi and archivist Mihalis Sovolos.

The Archive of Christos Dounis was catalogued by diver Kostas Thoktaridis.

In 2014, members of staff of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation began working on four other collections:

  • The Archive of Author and Journalist Georgios Karter (care of Maria Stagoni)
  • The Archive of Aikaterini Koumarianou (care of Kali Kyparissi and Ioanna Romiou)
  • The Archive of Professor Emmanuel Kriaras (care of Ioanna Romiou and Kleopantra Kyrtata)
  • The Archive of Amy Mims (care of Kali Kyparissi and Ioanna Romiou)
  • The Archive of Vangelis Sakkatos (care of Vera Andriopoulou)

A complete list of the Foundations’ archival collections:

  • The Archive of Ambassador Dimitris Athanassopoulos
  • The Archive of Professors Raoul Baladié and Yolanda Triandaffylid ou-Baladié
  • The Archive of Ambassador Achilleas Exarchos
  • The Archive of Professor Ioannis N. Theodorakopoulos
  • The Archive of Author and Journalist Georgios Karter
  • The Archive of Historian Aikaterini Koumarianou
  • Part of the Archive of Professor Emmanuel Kriaras
  • The Archive of Author and Translator Amy Mims
  • The Archive of Author Kostoula Mitropoulou
  • The Archive of Admiral Christos Dounis
  • The Archive of Author Vangelis Sakkatos
  • The Archive of Professor Panagiotis Simotas
  • The Archive of Author and Publisher Georgios Chronas