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The Acropolis Travellers’ Colouring Book

Publication: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, 2023

Languageς: Greek-English

Pages: 55
Dimensions: 24.5 x 22 cm
Price: 10€

ISBN: 978-618-5509-14-9

This little book aims to be an homage to the Acropolis, included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is based on depictions of the monuments or statues and of the sculpted decoration made by travellers to Greece and the Ottoman Empire. The oldest of these images dates to the 17th century and the more recent ones to the 19th century.

The original illustrations can be found on the left-hand pages, along with relevant information about the traveller or scene and a QR code leading to the website ‘Travelogues: Travellers’ Views’ of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation; the contours designed for colouring are on the right-hand pages. Through the process of colouring in, users can focus their attention on the transformations of the Acropolis hill over time and get to know, inch by inch, its unique features; after all, statues and monuments used to bear colours in Antiquity, as one can still see in the Acropolis Museum. This is a book for children, as well as for adults, who love archaeology and art.

Hellenic Navy: History and Art

Publication: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation in collaboration with the Hellenic Navy General Staff, 2022

Languageς: Greek-English

Pages: 208
Dimensions: 24×30
Price: 50€

ISBN 978-618-86353-1-9

ISBN 978-618-5509-09-5

The publication entitled “Hellenic Navy: History and Art”, the result of a collaboration between the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and the Hellenic Navy General Staff, aims to highlight the Naval Epic through more than 170 works of art belonging to the collections of the Hellenic Navy.

Works by important artists, such as Konstantinos Volanakis and Emilios Prosalentis, but also by younger ones, such as Panagiotis Tetsis, are largely unknown, while most of them are presented for the first time to the general public. Specifically, the paintings depict important maritime events, the ships of the Greeks and the protagonists of the Naval Epic from antiquity to the present day. The publication also includes the sculptures concerning the glorious forms of the  our naval history and the hagiography of the Holy Church of Agios Demetrios in the Naval Fort Skaramangas, a unique monument of our modern civilization.

Asia Minor Travellers’ Colouring Book

Publication: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, 2022

Languageς: English, Greek (forthcoming)

Pages: 44
Dimensions: 22,5×22,5
Price: 7€

ISBN 978-618-5509-07-1 (English)
ISBN 978-618-5509-06-4 (Greek)

The aim of this colouring book is to introduce children, as well as art-loving adults, to original images from the Eastern European travellers’ accounts who visited Asia Minor, which is digitised and presented in our website “Travelogues“.

Presenting images from Asia Minor serves as a tribute to these long-lost cradles of Hellenism which was so abruptly displaced at 1922 and bring us closer to people and places of past centuries.

On the left-hand pages of the book you will find the original artwork and short texts on the author/artist and the theme depicted. Scanning the QR code, you will be directed to the digital source of the image, in “Travelogues”. On the right-hand pages, the pictures are reproduced in a simplified manner, which you are welcome to colour, creating your own piece of art!

“Those Infidel Greeks”: The Greek War of Independence through Ottoman Archival Documents

Publication: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation & Koninklijke Brill NV, 2021
Author: H. Şükrü Ilıcak

Language: English

ISBN 978-90-04-47129-0 (hardback/set)
ISBN 978-90-04-47130-6 (e-book/set)
Free digital distribution
Download from here

Under the supervision of Dr. Şükrü Ilıcak, a large group of researchers leaned over the Ottoman archives, which until now had not been studied. The two-volume edition, which exceeds 1,600 pages, includes 700 documents, transcribed from the ottoman language, translated and fully annotated. These are letters found in the Ayniyat Registers, in the Ottoman Archives of Constantinople, dating from June 1821 to 1826, when the Great Powers begun their official diplomatic intervention to the Greek Revolution. It is a project of international standards, undertaken for the first time by a Greek institution, a fact validated by the collaboration with Brill publishing house.

The publication is in English, honoring both the international impact of the Greek Revolution – it is clear today that we are talking about a pan-European event – as well as the global academic interest in these documents. In addition to new information about the battles and the events of the Greek War of Independence, these documents come to help historians and scholars understand the concept of revolution during the Greek uprising.

Mapping the Settlement of Hydra: Historical Evidence

Author: Iris Panagiotopoulou

Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Athens 2021
Editors: Ioanna Romiou
Language: Greek
vol. 2

Pages: vol. I 224, vol. ΙΙ 348
Dimensions: 24,5×23
ISBN vol. I 978-618-5509-02-6, 978-618-5509-03-3
ISBN vol. II 978-618-5509-02-6, 978-618-5509-04-0
Price: 60€

The author, Dr. Iris Panayotopoulou, Architect-Town Planner, with respect and love for the island, describes in detail the evolution of Hydra Town, from a mountain enclosed village to a proud state open to the sea and finally to a historic settlement. Her many years of study, solidly documented, presents the natural landscape and its impact on the settlers, the way it spread from the mountain to the beach, recognizes and relates families and homes and investigates the urban structure of the settlement from ancient times to the present. Finally, it deals with the location, identification and connection of each building with the history of the families that inhabited it, citing a number of photographs, old and new. The rich documentation from the archives of IAMY, GAK, EIM, ELIA and not only, makes this project a “source” for future studies that will surely emerge.

Borders, Sovereignty and Stamps. Greece 1830-1947

Author: Konstantinos Tsitselikis

Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Athens 2021
Editors: Konstantinos Thanasakis, Ioanna Romiou
Language: Greek

Pages: 330
Dimensions: 23,5×16,5
ISBN 978-618-5509-01-9
Price: 22€

The work of Konstantinos Tsitselikis, Professor of International Law at the University of Macedonia, deals with one of the least studied historical issues. From 1830 to 1947, the Greek territory developed rapidly, but without absolute certainties. Usually, the borders of Greece were secured successfully and permanently, but some times, they were drawn occasionally or ineffectively. They have always been associated with the program of national homogenization and national integration, but also with the geostrategic aspirations of the Forces. Occupation, domination, co-ownership, compose the complex shape of the genealogy of a stormy and bloody adventure that runs through the Greek territory before taking the form we know today. The stamp, Greek and foreign, is an indication and means of exercising power, occupation or sovereignty of the territory that became – or did not become – Greek. A strong symbol and message for who exercises political and institutional control over the land, the postage stamp, like the postmark, is associated with every corner of Greek territory once found on one side or the other of the border line.

One book, six centuries of history. Editions from the dawn of printing in the libraries of Athens. Colloquium proceedings

Collective work

Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Piraeus 2020
Editors: Vera Andriopoulou, Kleopatra Kyrtata, Aggeliki Papadopoulou
Language: Greek, English

Pages: 258
Dimensions: 17×24
ISBN 978-618-5509-00-2
Price: 17€

This volume brings together, edited and enriched, the original scientific presentations of the colloquium “One book, six centuries of history. Editions from the dawn of printing in the libraries of Athens. The volume is dedicated to the memory of Dennis E. Rhodes (1923-2020), pioneer of the study of incunabula in Greece. It includes articles by Cristina Dondi, Dennis E. Rhodes, Geri Della Rocca de Candal, Nicolas J. Barker, Giannis Kokkonas, Agamemnon Tselikas, Astrid Balsem, David Speranzi. Representing the libraries of Athens, the authors are: Elli Droulia (Library of the Greek Parliament), Leonora Navari and Maria Giouroukou (Sylvia Ioannou Foundation), Athena Zoupanti, Maria Xenariou, Mirka Palioura and Konstantinos I. Stefanis (Finopoulos Collection, Benaki Museum), Irini Solomonidi (Gennadius Library), Nikolas Sarris, George Stavratis, Christina Tsaroucha, Marilia Apostolaki, Katerina Lygnou (National Library of Greece), Venetia Hatzopoulou (IPA / MIET), Aggeliki Papadopoulou, Kleopatra Kyrtata and Vera Andriopoulou (Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation).

Ottoman Athens. Archaeology, Topography, History

Collective workOttoman_Athens_Topography_Archaeology_History

Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation & Gennadius Library, ASCSA, Athens 2019
Editors: Maria Georgopoulou, Konstantinos Thanasakis
Design: Olga Antonea
Language: English

Pages: 289
Dimensions: 24,5×28
ISBN 978-618-83019-8-6 (ALF, hardcover)
ISBN 978-618-83019-9-3 (ALF, softcover)
ISBN 978-960-99945-3-8 (Gennadius Lib, hardcover)
ISBN 978-960-99945-4-4 (Gennadius Lib, softcover)
Price: 30€ (hardcover), 35€ (softcover)

Our new edition Ottoman Athens: Topography, Archeology, History is the fruit of collaboration with the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Ottoman Athens is the first and sole volume to set under investigation the Ottoman presence in Athens. Despite the attraction the city has received recently, no other publications has set forth to examine the ottoman past of Athens, and scrutinize the relevant sources. 12 scholarly articles, from antiquity, to architecture, cartography, daily life and and the Greek War of Independence, aim to shed light upon little studied material, retell the history of Ottoman Athens, but most importantly open up the dialogue between the city and its past. The authors of the original scientific papers of the volume are: Dr Aliki Asvesta, Dr Elizabeth Key Fowden, Dr H. Sukru Ilicak, Eleni Kanetaki, Prof. Dimitris Karidis, Prof. Yannis Kizis, Dr Elena Korka, Ass. Prof. Seyyed Mohammad Taghi Shariat-Panahi, Dr Katerina Stathi, Dr Tasos Tanoulas, Dr George Tolias, Dr Gulcin Tunali, Dr Ioli Vingopoulou, Prof. Joanita Vroom.

Stone-built lighthouses of Greece

Author: Yisis Papageorgiou

Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Athens 2019
Editors: Mariana Pogka, Christos Simatos
Language: Greek

Pages: 240
Dimensions: 22,5×32
ISBN 978-618-83019-7-9
Price: 40€

With this work, Gisis Papageorgiou brought the lighthouse to the public sphere not only as an image but also as a story. His book is recording all the stone lighthouses of Greece with their history, while all the lighthouses are illustrated by the author with drawings, sketches and watercolors that make this effort unique. The first 2 editions of the book were a well-known bibliographic success and have been sold out for years. This new third edition is also accepted with enthusiasm by the reading public, both for its historical usefulness and for its artistic elegance.

PERDIKIDIS σχέδια / drawings

Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Athens 2018
Translation: Tony Mozer
Text editor – Proofreader: Kali Pagoulatou-Kyparissi, Vera Andriopoulou
Catalogue Editor – Layout – Photography: Maria Stefossi
Bilingual edition (Greek-English)

Pages: 120
Dimensions: 22×22
ISBN 978-618-83019-4-8
Price: 10€

Five years after the first and permanent exhibition of Dimitris Perdikidis’s (1922 – 1989) artworks at the premises of the Foundation in Piraeus, we have in hand his design notebooks which take us on his creative journey from 1959 to 1967. These notebooks – “A world in itself” – they open and take us to an era of reconstruction for the artist himself, during which he made an abstract work with his own originality and identity. Perdikidis’s designs include a poetic element with special charm, musicality and sensitivity and through them unfolds a grid of expressive ways that announces his later pioneering artistic developments.

TEMPLON. Holy figures, invisible gates of faith. 20th and 21st century

Collective work
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Athens 2017
General Editor: Christos Ph. Margaritis
Text editor (Greek): Loula Kypraiou
Translator and editor (English): Alexandra Douma
Translator (Russian): Juliana Boycheva
Photographer: Charis Vavoulas
Layout – design: Vassiliki Varvaki, MVN Consultants, Christos Ph. Margaritis
Special collaborator: Alexander G. Makris
Printing: G. Kostopoulos
Language: Greek, with English abstracts

Pages: 325
Dimensions: 24,5×28
ISBN 978-618-83019-3-1 (softcover)
ISBN 978-618-83019-2-4 (hardcover)
Price: 30€

The volume accompanied the temporary exhibition “Templon. Holy figures, invisible gates of faith, 20th and 21st century“, organized by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and MVN Consultants, which was hosted from 27 October 2017 to 24 March 2018 at the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The publication presents a concise catalog of exhibits and includes 30 scientific papers on templa, with material published for the first time. In addition, it contains 190 color photographs and 100 drawings. The authors of the articles are: Dr. Jenny Albani, Michail Asfentagakis, Aimilianos Grekas, Dr. Nikolaos Graikos, Dr. Yannis Theocharis, Dr. Anastasia Kapandriti, Prof. Em. Maro Kardamitsi-Adami, Dr. Andromachi Katselaki, Dr. Harry Koutelakis, Arch. Dionysios Lykogiannis, Dr. Spyros Moschonas, George Mylonas, Maria Nanou, Dr. Eirini Panou, Dr. Elena Saenkova, Andreas Sambatakos, Stergios Stasinopoulos, Prof. George Tsigaras, Dr. Agathoniki Tsilipakou, Dr. Niki Tsironi, Eleni Veronika Farmakilidou, Dr. Ioannis Firiligkos, Dr. Christodoulos Chatzichristodoulou, Dr. Stamatios Chondrogiannis.

Colloquium on Aristotle

Introduction: Vasilis Kalfas
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Athens 2017
Text editor: Vera Andriopoulou, Kleopatra Kyrtata
Language: Greek

Pages: 155
Dimensions: 17×24
ISBN 978-618-83019-1-7
Price: 10€

Participating in the celebration of 2,400 years since the birth of the great philosopher and thinker, the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation organized a colloquium dedicated to the thought of Aristotle, in April 2016. This book brings together the presentations of the conference, which aimed at the presentation of his philosophy and work, in a way accessible to the general public. The participating scientists, specialized in different aspects of Aristotelian philosophy, covering Aristotle’s logic, metaphysics and physics, his practical philosophy and poetry. Authors: Christina Veikou, Vasilis Kalfas, Doukas Kapantais, Spyros Benetatos, Vasileios Betsakos, Maria Protopappa-Marneli, Spyros Ragkos, Konstantinos Staikos, Stasinos Stavrianeas.

Thesaurus of Ancient Greek Literature

Author: Athanasios Oikonomopoulos

Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Athens 2017
Editors: Mariana Pogka, Christos Simatos
Language: Greek
2 volumes

Pages: vol. I 600, vol. II 620
Dimensions: 30×40
ISBN 978-618-81423-9-8
Price: 150€ (2 volumes)

In this two-volume work, the author records the adventure of the Greek literature throughout its two great paths: from its birth to the violent suspension of its course with the Fall of Constantinople and from its rebirth, with the spread of typography, to this day. It includes biographical notes on all the writers who lived from the time of Homer until the Fall, who either created works in Greek that survived even in excerpts, or, although nothing was saved from their own works, they themselves are mentioned by name in rescued works by other authors. Also included are the most important editions of these works up to the beginning of the 20th century. A total of approximately 3,200 authors, 4,000 publications and 350 scholars who contributed to these publications are mentioned and commented on. Their works and authors are classified into cognitive objects and five historical periods: the heroic era, the classical years, the Hellenistic era, the Greco-Roman period and Byzantium. Along the margins of the text are the title pages of about 3,500 editions, sorted chronologically.

Valias Semertzidis. The collection of Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation

Collection’s catalogue
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, Piraeus 2016
Editor: Nikos Hatzinikolaou
Photographer: Daniel Milan Coombes
Layout: Dodocoms Ltd.
Language: Greek

Pages: 88
Dimensions: 24,5×28
ISBN 978-618-81423-7-4
Price: 12€

The catalogue presents the works of the painter Valias Semertzidis (1911-1983) which are permanently exhibited at the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation. Art historian Nikos Hatzinikolaou selected and edited the texts. Includes introductions by Panos Laskaridis, President of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and by the Semertzidis family. Other authors are Christos Alexiou, Themistoklis D. Tsatsou, Nikos Hatzinikolaou. It also includes  excerpts from the conversations of Valias Semertzidis with Christos Alexiou and a timeline of the painter’s life by Konstantinos Papachristos.

The Greek Editions of Aldus Manutius and his Greek Collaborators

Author: Konstantinos P. Staikos
Introduction: Stephanos Kaklamanis

Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Athens, 2015
ATON publications
Editor of the Greek edition: Anna Hadjiantoniou
English translation: Katerina Spathi
Editor of the English edition: Anna Hadjiantoniou
Available in 3 languages: English, Greek, Italian

Pages: 312
Size: 17×24
ISBN 978-618-82417-2-5
Price: 26€

In order to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Aldus Manutius, the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation published this volume in honour of the great printer. The book, which is available in 3 languages, focuses on the Greek collaborators of Aldus, such as Arsenios Apostolis and Marcus Musurus, who accompanied him in his first steps in printing and publishing. This edition accompanies the Laskaridis Foundation exhibition “The Greek editions of Aldus Manutius and his Greek collaborators (c. 1495-1515)”, hosted by the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice (17 September-24 October 2016), where the Greek editions of Aldus during his lifetime are presented.

Shipwrecks of the Greek Seas. Dive into their history

Authors: Kostas Thoctarides – Aris Bilalis

Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Piraeus, 2015
Editor of the Greek edition: Ioanna Romiou
Translation and proofreaders of English text: Kostas Thoctarides – Aris BilalisCOVER-NAYAGIA-final-low-1024x960
Editors of the English edition: Rena Yiatropoulou – Meli Konstantinou
Bilingual (Greek – English)

Pages: 474
Size: 21×29
ISBN 978-960-99142-9-1
Price: 50€

Bilingual edition that pertains to 20 shipwrecks of the 20th century, mainly of ships that belong to the era of steam. A basic criterion for their selection was the feasibility of diving into the wreck. It presents ships with a prominent place in Greek history, but also others, unknown to the general public. Still, all those are an integral part in the history of evolution of the merchant marine.

The Greek postwar territorial and economic claims and the Peace Conference of Paris (1946)

Author: Spyros G. Gasparinatos
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Athens 2014

Pages: 32
Size: 14×21
ISBN 978-618-81423-0-5

Off-print  of Spyros G. Gasparinatos’ presentation at the “AIkaterini Laskaridis Foundation” on Monday, 7 April 2014.

Dimitris Perdikidis: A Painter of the Diaspora

Permanent exhibition / Collection of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation

Exhibition Catalogue

Authors: Collective workcover-perd
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Translation: Tony Mozer
Text editor – Proofreader: Kali Pagoulatou-Kyparissi, Vera Andriopoulou
Catalogue Editor – Layout – Photography: Maria Stefossi
An edition of the “Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation”, Piraeus 2014
Bilingual (Greek – English)

Pages: 128
Size: 24,5×28
ISBN 978-960-99142-8-4
Price: 12€

The catalogue comprises the overall oeuvre of Dimitris Perdikidis, as this is presented in the permanent exhibition of the “Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation”. Designed and edited by photographer Maria Stefossi, it also includes texts by Panos Laskaridis, Chairman of the “Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation”, Manos Stefanidis, Professor of Art History of the University of Athens, Dimosthenis Kokkinidis, Emeritus Professor of the Athens School of Fine Arts, and of Leonidas and Denise Perdikidis. The exhibition curator and long-time researcher of Perdikidis’ work, Miguel Fernández Belmonte, discusses and analyses the works and oeuvre of this distinguished Diaspora painter.

E. KRIARAS, Recent Letters to People and Foundations

Author: Emmanuel Kriaras
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Piraeus, 2013
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 14 X 20,5
ISBN 978-960-99142-7-7
Price: 15€

Drawing from the rich epistolary archive of Professor Emmanuel Kriaras, this edition publicizes 185 of his letters written between 2001-2011, addressed to people and foundations. This important edition is evidence of the long-lasting activity and constant presence of this leading Greek intellectual in the world of Letters.

Stone-built Lighthouses: Tainaro and Maleas

Untitled-10Authors: Collective work
Editor: Kali Pagoulatou-Kyparissi
Copy-editor: Vera Andriopoulou
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Piraeus, 2013
Pages: 300
Dimensions: 21 X 29
ISBN 978-960-99142-6-0
Price: 40€

The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation completed the significant work of restoration of the lighthouses of Tainaro, of Maleas and of Ntana (on Poros island). The collective work “Stone-built Lighthouses: Tainaro and Maleas”, released in March of 2013, “narrates” the fascinating story of their restoration. At the same time, it constitutes a valuable testament of the Greek naval history.

Through an exceptional collection of texts by academics, researchers, journalists and writers, the presence of lighthouses through the ages, between history and myth, their symbolical significances, as well as their value as live monuments of our cultural heritage are featured. This edition could not be without the diary kept by architect Dimitris Eftaxiopoulos during the renovation work. The elegant edition is enriched with ample photographic material.

Creative Approaches: Album of Posters and Invitations

Untitled-9Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Piraeus, 2013
Pages: 232
Dimensions: 24 X 32
ISBN 978-960-99142-5-3
Not for sale

In this elegant album, through a variety of styles and imaginative pictorial approaches the reader can watch the multifaceted and fruitful cultural course of Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation in the period 2001-2012.
The poster is a key to art, and has the ability to impress itself upon memory. Every poster with its corresponding invitation bears the character of the subject of its origin. The pictorial material presented in this edition is a labour of love for Art and Letters.

E. KRIARAS, New Letters and Documents of the Years 1924-2010

Untitled-8Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Piraeus, 2012
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 15 X 23
ISBN 978-960-99142-4-6
Price: 15€

Letters of Greek and foreign intellectuals, along with documents of organizations (foundations, companies, associations etc.), part of Professor Emmanuel Criaras correspondence, covering the period 1924-2010. An important historical token, in the crossroads of public and private life, which holds special value for the History of Greek Letters. A revealing testimonial, it sheds light on the manifold presence and flourishing course of this prominent intellectual.

E. KRIARAS, Psycharis, especially from his Letters

Untitled-7Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Piraeus, 2012
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 14 X 20,5
ISBN 978-960-99142-3-9
Price: 10€

An important work, the fruit of many years of research by the Academic Emmanuel Kriaras on the capital Demotic Greek supporter, intellectual and writer Yannis Psycharis. Through characteristic excerpts of Psycharis’ correspondence with Greek and foreign intellectuals, as well as telling biographical and autobiographical evidence, the reader has the opportunity to study Psycharis’ views on the situation in Greece towards the end of 19th century, his stance on literary and social movements of his time, his tactics on the Greek Language Issue, and also to better understand the personality of this pioneer creator.

Alexander the Great: Delving into Aspects of the Prominence

Untitled-6Authors: Collective work
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Piraeus, 2011
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 23,5 X 15
ISBN 978-960-99142-2-2
Price: 10€

The Proceedings of the extremely interesting cycle of Seminars organized by Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation in the period March-April 2008, in collaboration with the Professor of Ancient History in the University of Athens Kostas Bourazelis.
In a period when the life and the έργο of the Greek military legend often become the object of easy exploitation, and sometimes even leveling vulgarization, the Seminar cycle in question attempted to offer a scientifically reliable and sober viewpoint to a complex historical subject of timeless interest.
This volume includes the speeches of Kostas Bourazelis, Ioannis Xydopoulos, Elias Koulakiotis, Katerina Liampi, R.M. Errington, while the Appendix contains the discussion of the speakers with the public.

Nikos Kazantzakis

Untitled-5Authors: Collective work
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Piraeus, 2011
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 15 X 23
ISBN 978-960-99142-1-5
Price: 10€

In 2007, Year of Kazantzakis, the Library of Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation honoured the great Greek author organizing a Workshop with the participation of important intellectuals: Ritsa Frangou-Kikilia, Eleni Kovaiou, Eleftheria Yakoumaki, Fatima Eloeva, Christos Alexiou, Sonia Ilinskaya, Anna Rosenberg, Stamatis Philippides, Thanassis Agathos, Panagiota Mini, Walter Puchner, Mairi Stavrou and Patroclos Stavrou. This edition contains the Workshop’s speeches which, through different approaches give an apt and accurate insight into contemporary thinking on language and its symbolism, the themes, the aesthetics and the ideology in the literary work of Nikos Kazantzakis.

A Course in Poetry: From the Interwar Period to the Generation of the ‘70s

Untitled-4Authors: Collective work
Publisher: Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Editor: Anna Rosenberg
Piraeus, 2009
Pages.: 184
Dimensions: 23,5 X 15
ISBN 978-960-99142-0-8
Price: 10€

The transcripts of the cycle of lectures organized in 2004 by the Library of Aikaterini Laskaridi Foundations regarding the Greek poetry and its multifaceted and fruitful course from the Interwar period until the Generation of the ‘70s, with the valuable contribution of Ritsa Frangou-Kikilia, Professor in the University of Athens, and the participation of select speakers: Frangiski Ambatzopoulou, Giorgos Aragis, Stefanos Dialismas, Morfia Malli, Eleni Politou-Marmarinou and Mimis Sofokleous.
With vivid language and great discernment, the speakers detect the poetical universe of this period, examining, among else, the fields of Greek poetry during the Interwar period, the creators belonging to the First and the Second Postwar Generations and the Generation of the ‘70s, their main themes, influences and trends in linguistic expression, wordplay in the poetical oeuvre of Kiki Dimoula, and general questions regarding Poetics.

From History’s Passions to Everyday Life Passions: The Course of Greek Prose from 1945 to 2000

Untitled-3Authors: Collective work
Publisher: Kaiti Laskaridou Library
Piraeus, 2004
Pages.: 134
Dimensions: 26 X 17
ISBN 980-88420-0-X
Out of print

Proceedings of the Seminar «From History’s Passions to Everyday Life Passions: The Course of Greek Prose from 1945 to 2000», a project headed by the writer and critic Alexis Ziras, and with the contribution of prominent speakers, which took place with great success in Kaiti Laskaridou Library in 2004. The tome contains the speeches of Elissavet Kotzia, Kostas Stergiopoulos, Giorgos Paganos, Takis Mendrakos, Alexis Ziras, Dimitris Tsatsoulis and Vangelis Chatzivassileiou. The aim of the speeches is the presentation of the most important aspects of contemporary Greek prose, the detection of the various influences on the authors of said period, as well as the distinction of the main trends of Greek prose during these fifty prolific years.

Andreas Miaoulis (1769 – 1835):  From enslaved to free Greece


Authors: Constantina Adamopoulou-Pavlou, Annita N. Prassa
Editor: Kali Kyparissi
Publishers: “Hestia” Publishing House – Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation
Athens, 2003
Pages.: 770
Dimensions: 27 X 23
ISBN cloth-bound edition: 960-05-1075-Χ
ISBN unbound edition: 960-05-1074-1
Price: 80€

An erudite study by Constantina Adamopoulou-Pavlou and Annita N. Prassa, based for the most part on original sources and covering all aspects of the life and action of one of the most important personages of Modern Greece, the Hydriot fighter of the Greek Revolution Andreas Miaoulis. At the same time, this monograph sheds light on the crucial historical events of the period in question and the naval warfare during the Revolution. Among else, this vivid historical monograph includes unpublished documents, references to literary texts concerning Andreas Miaoulis, as well as rich pictorial material.