Within the framework of its many activities, the «Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation» organizes Educational Programmes for students of Primary and Secondary Education, which are renewed and enhanced on an annual basis.

All of the Foundation’s programmes geared towards students and educators are provided free of charge without exception; advertising of any kind is strictly prohibited; the programmes are overseen by the Foundation’s highly trained staff. The Foundation’s facilities, where these programmes take place, meet the highest standards for security and hygiene; contemporary audiovisual equipment is also provided. The Foundation is also fully accessible to students with motor skill problems.

The Educational Programmes take place throughout the academic year. Priority is given to applications based on the chronological order of the application. All programmes are posted, three months before the beginning of each the academic year, on our website, on the Official Educational Portal of the Hellenic Ministry of Education, and on the websites of the Directorates of Primary and Secondary Education of Pireaus

The team of people that support the programmes includes, besides our highly competent staff, a large number of members of prominent scholars and artists: members of the Academy of Athens, academics, important personalities of letters and the arts, psychologists, teachers, motivators, theatrologists, environmentalists, culture and literature.

Within the six years of its operation, the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation has hosted more than 1.500 educational programmes which have been attended by over 70.000 students of Primary and Secondary Education.


For more details about the educational prorammes of the academic year 2014-15 press on the respective icon. All programmes are addressed to Greek schoolchildren and teachers, therefore all relevant material is in Greek.

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To browse educational programmes of past years, you can select one or more booklets from the following list: