Our Historical Library consists of the main corpora of the following Named Collections. Ιn the list below you can find some information about each collection accompanied by links for downloading the individual collections’ catalogues:


Achilleas Exarchos

Achilleas Exarchos was a prominent diplomat and an ambassador of Greece in various countries. His main collection was donated to the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation in 2012, and several more donations have followed. It is a rich and varied library, including books on Literature, History, Art etc.

Aikaterini Koumarianou

The famous Greek historian Aikaterini Koumarianou, who was a co-founder of the Group for the Study of the Greek Enlightenment, has been a protagonist in the studies of the work of Adamantios Korais, the phenomenon of Travels as a side part of the discipline of History, the history of Greek books, the relations between European and Greek education. Her library is composed of studies on the above mentioned research fields. There can also be found scientific reviews on both History and Fine Arts. She also bequeathed to the Foundation her extensive and rich in information private archive.

Athanassios Oikonomopoulos

The library of collector A. Oikonomopoulos, best known as Biblioteca Graeca, contains the first print editions of Greek texts by every author who lived before the fall of Constantinople. It consists of 3,200 titles, published between the 15th and the end of the 19th century. Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation intends to continue its enrichment in order to make it an authoritative international reference concerning the bibliography of Greek texts.

Christos Ntounis

Christos Ntounis was a Master Mariner, a Vice-Admiral, Commander-in-Chief of the Coast Guard, as well as a writer with important contribution to the Mercantile Marine. His book collection is mainly about the Greek shipping, especially maritime history and education and maritime professions. The collection is complemented with his very important research archive.

Constantine Svolopoulos

The Library of University Professor and Chair of the Athens Academy Constantine Svolopoulos reached the Library Foundation in late 2014. Principal content of the rich library is the history of the Macedonian and the Cyprus issues. Also, a large part of this library consists of modern foreign language literature.

Constantinos Th. Dimaras

The library of Dimaras, the most famous historian of Greek literature and an important researcher of the Greek Enlightenment, is considered to be a powerful tool and a treasure of information for researchers. Its main subjects are History, Greek Language, Folklore and Greek Literature and its history. The collection consists of rare books of the 1700s and 1800s, Greek pamphlets of the 19th century, speeches, and well-known scientific reviews of the 20th century on History and Greek Literature. The works of scholars and great thinkers of both the 19th and the 20th century, the research material for his seminal work “History of Greek Literature”, occupy a significant part of the collection.

Dimitris S. Athanassopoulos

Dimitris S. Athanassopoulos, a doctor of political science, served for many years as Ambassador-Permanent Representative of Greece in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The collection he donated to the Foundation consists of a large number of Greek and foreign-language books on the following subjects: literature (especially poetry), history, religion, arts (theatre and music), economics, politics, and social sciences.

Emmanuel Kriaras

Kriaras has been a very important figure and Professor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In fact, he was a Professor of Medieval and Greek Literature and Greek Linguistics. For many famous researchers of our days he is considered to be the father of Modern Greek language and Philology. The part of his library that he donated to the Historical Library of the Foundation consists of studies on Greek language, biographies, bibliographies, tribute volumes in honour of famous Professors or other researchers, and a collection of reviews on Literature and Arts.

English Law Library

The ‘English Law Library’ was donated to the Foundation in 2013 by the ‘Hill Taylor Dickinson, London’ Lawyers. The library covers extensively issues concerning legal matters in England. Particular emphasis is given to cases related to Shipping Law in the theory, and in practice by the legal authorities. The material that makes up the library ” English law ” dates between 1859 and 2005.

The ‘English Law Library’ consists of eight (8) Law Reports

Georgios Chronas – Dimitris Laletas

The collection of the poet and publisher Georgios Chronas mainly consists of literary works. It includes poetry collections, novels and studies, often with handwritten dedications by the authors. It also has books on philosophy and history, and literary journals and periodicals. Part of the collection is formed by the books (literature and books on art) of the late painter Dimitris Laletas.

Georgios Dolianitis

Georgios Dolianitis is a collector, a publisher and the founder of the Dolianitis Centre of Studies and Research, the first private university in Greece. His library is one the most famous Greek private collections as far as size and rarity of content are concerned. It consists of several thematic sections such as Language, Mythology, Literature, History of Greece, Press and its history, and others. The innumerous first edition books and the archive of Greek, Minor Asian and Foreign Press that also form the library are significant contributions to the collection’s great value. Some of the most important sections have won prizes in national and international exhibitions.

Georgios N. Karter

Karter was a well-known television and theatre critic, the founder of Greek public television and a poet as well. His personal library deals with Literature, Literary Criticism, Mass Media and Sociology. His important essays on Media—which pioneered the Greek bibliography on the subject—, the majority of his poetic works and his private archive, fully organized by himself, are also parts of the collection. 

Helene Glykatzi-Ahrweiler

The collection of Helene Glykatzi-Ahrweiler is an important part of the Foundation’s Historical Library. The great Byzantinologist, one of the most prominent academic and intellectual personalities of Greece, has served, among else, as President of the University of Sorbonne. Her collection includes books and periodicals in various languages, mostly on Byzantine history; there are also many studies on Ancient Greek and Roman History, contemporary European history, the Islamic world, etc.

Ioannis N. Theodorakopoulos

The personal library of the distinguished Greek philosopher Ioannis N. Theodorakopoulos, Member of the Academy of Athens, Professor of Philosophy and founder of the Free School of Philosophy “Plethon” in Sparta, is a kind offer of the Stratis and Despoina Stratigis family. The collection has two main sections: Literary Criticism and Philosophy with an emphasis on ancient Greek Philosophy. Until recently the library, an integral part of Theodorakopoulos’ school, was in Sparta. The private archive that accompanies the collection is of even greater importance.

Konstantinos Laskaridis

Konstantinos Laskaridis founded Kaiti Laskaridou Library in Neo Phaliro in 1993, in memory of his late wife. The Library was the precursor of the Foundation.

He studied Hydrobiology, Ichthyology and Applied Fisheries abroad, managing to become a leader in these fields. His book collection includes a large volume of Greek and mainly foreign-language scientific books on the subjects of Fishing and Ichthyology, which renders it unique in Greece.

Konstantinos Sp. Staikos

Konstantinos Sp. Staikos is an architect, book historian and publisher. He has researhed the history of library in the Western Civilisation, from Greek and Roman antiquity until the Rennaissance, and is among the most important historians of Greek and Greek-language editions. The part of his library donated to the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundations includes mainly editions about history, Greek and foreing, and the history ob book and typography.

Kostas G. Papageorgiou

Kostas G. Papageorgiou, a great contemporary poet with many and important distinctions, donated his rich book collection to the Foundation. The collection consists of a large number of books and covers the entire spectrum of modern Greek literature, including novels, poetry collections, short stories, essays and studies.

Kostoula Mitropoulou

The library of the writer Kostoula Mitropoulou was received by the Foundation in 2008 along with her personal archive. The book collection contains a large number of Greek and foreign novels, short stories, poetry collections, plays and literary studies; many of the books contain her personal handwritten notes. Part of the collection includes the art books of her sister, artist Katia Mitropoulou, as well as the law book collection of her father, I. D. Mitropoulos.

Leo Delwaide (Baron)

Baron Delwaide is a former Professor of Maritime Law at the University of Antwerp. He has also been the Mayor of Antwerp and the President of its Port Authority. His library is considered to be one th e most important and voluminous private collections of Maritime Law worldwide. The main body of the Delwaide library, that holds books printed from the early 1500s until today, consists of books concerning Law, mainly Maritime. The rest of the collection is shared between two equally sized categories: history of Maritime Law and history of the most known maritime nations of the world. Further to that the library holds a vast collection of famous scientific reviews, mainly on Maritime Law and Transportation. It should be noted that an important part of the Delwaide collection is formed by old books, printed from 1530 to late 18th century.

Panagiotis C. Laskaridis

The collection of the President of Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation includes important and rare books that he himself has acquired in parts through the years. The main subjects of the collection are History, Travels, maritime themes, Literature, and Religion; many of them are old and rare editions. Part of the rare travel books of the collection was utilized for the creation of the Travelogues website.

Panagiotis N. Simotas

The library of Panagiotis N. Simotas, Professor of Theology with significant authorial contribution to his field of study, consists of books on Theology and religious studies, including in-depth reviews of the most important world religions. More specifically, it contains studies and writings on the history of the Old Testament, Hebrew Archeology, New Testament Theology, History of religions, Philosophy and Psychology of religion, etc.

Philippos Iliou

The collection of the eminent historian and researcher Philippos Iliou includes books concerning the history of the Greek Enlightenment, the Greek book and the recent Greek history. The collection also contains rare theology books as well as literature and language reviews and periodicals

Stratis Stratigis

The prominent lawyer and ex-Parliament member Stratis Stratigis has also donated his library to the Foundation. The collection includes books on maritime law, insurance law, and especially marine insurance law, subjects that formed the professional library of the Law Firm of Stratis Stratigis and his father, Evangelos Stratigis, which has been in business since 1922.

Triantafyllos Sklavenitis

The library of the philologist, historian, researcher and Research Director of the National Hellenic Research Foundation numbers over forty thousand items. It is composed of voluminous and comprehensive subjects: Greek History (Antiquity, Byzantine Empire, Venetian occupation, Ottoman Occupation, Greek Revolution and Modern Greek State, local history), Global History, Modern Greek Letters, Literature, and special subjects of History (History of education, youth, folklore, art, law, press etc.). It also contains extant secondary literature regarding archiving, library science, manuscripts, palaeography, national, local and special bibliographies, indexes of journals, newspapers, series of books, and dictionaries.

Vangelis Sakkatos Donations – Collection of Christos Anastasiadis – Collection of Christos Nikolopoulos

This is a large and important collection of books regarding the Greek and global Left movements. More specifically, it contains books on the German Occupation and the Greek Resistance, Marxist theory, and the history of the labour movement both in Greece and in the U.S.A. An important part of the collection consists of books on the history of the U.S.A., along with a large collection of journals and newspapers. In particular, the Ch. Anastasiadis collection includes many books—in Greek, English, and French—on the subjects of the international communist (Trotskyist) movement, history, literature and the Fine Arts in Greece and the world. The collection of the journalist Ch. Nikolopoulos includes Marxist studies and literature, encyclopedias, and many books on the history of the U.S.A.

Yolanda Triantafyllidou-Baladié & Raoul Baladié

Yolanda Baladié, sister to the historian Aikaterine Koumarianou, was herself a celebrated historian and archeologist. Her main research interest was the history of Greece and Cyprus under the Ottoman occupation. She was an associate of the Centre of Historical Research of the Paris School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS), as well as the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Her husband, Raoul Baladié, a prominent French Professor of Geography, studied mainly the European travelers. He also researched in depth Strabo and his Geographica. He served, among else, as Director of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Their joint library is mainly composed of sections on the History of Greece, Cyprus and France, on Geography, and editions of the Greek and Latin classical authors. It is accompanied by Yolanda Baladié’s research archive.