The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and Athens-based independent scholar Brady Kiesling are pleased to introduce ToposText, a unique mobile application to link students and travelers to the primary sources that define Greek history and give the Greek landscape its unique meaning.

ToposText is a website,, and a free download for Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. It includes:

  • A portable library of Classical literature, 530+ key sources for Greek history, mythology, and geography in English translation,
  • A database of 5350+ ancient places, modern museums, and archaeological sites, covering the whole ancient Greek world.
  • An interactive map and text index linking each ancient place to the ancient texts that immortalized it.
  • An index of thousands of ancient proper names: find Plato the philosopher or Plato the comic poet as the ancients knew them.
  • Coordinates accurate enough to zoom in (satellite view) to the actual ruins.
  • Library and database reside in your device: fast and with no data roaming charges.
  •  Parallel Ancient Greek texts for key works, with off-app links to the original Greek and Latin for others.
  • Site descriptions and links to the early traveler maps and illustrations of the site in the Travelogues website of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation.

Conceived as a tool for scholars, students, guides, and elite travelers, ToposText was compiled by Brady Kiesling, an archaeologist/historian and former U.S. diplomat, now a senior associate member of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. ToposText has been implemented as an app and website by Pavla SA, through the support of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation.