There are many ways to support the Foundation’s work:

Donation of rare or otherwise notable publications

The Foundation’s Library fulfills all necessary requirements for the successful hosting of rare and vintage publications’ exhibits and the technical expertise of our personnel can accentuate volumes that might otherwise be obscured. Knowledge that has already been conquered by or lost its relevance for a reader can be invaluable for others and, as a result, spreading that knowledge can be an important act of social consciousness.

In addition, we can guarantee that your donation will be utilized, handled and preserved with the greatest possible care and attention.

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Voluntary contribution of scientific services

Not only does volunteer work enhance the Foundation’s efficiency, it also offers volunteers a unique opportunity to expand their awareness and comprehension of the Foundation’s many areas of interest, while giving us an opportunity to explore an even greater variety of perspectives.

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Your suggestions on potential improvements are valuable for us. Your comments, observations and ideas can be enlightening and instrumental towards our better understanding of the services we provide our audience with.

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Archive donations

Any archival material in your possession pertaining to culture, literature and shipping, whether in printed form or not (photography, audio recordings, film, video, manuscripts etc.) can be valuable to the Foundation. Should you choose to make this material available to us, please contact the Foundation to ensure that your donation will be systemized and utilized by the Library’s Archive Department.

Any support of the Foundation’s work is appreciated and welcome.