The Foundation’s Lending Library is located in a seven-story building on 173, Kountouriotou Street. On arrival, visitors encounter the reception desk, near the entrance, where they can get information by our librarian.

At the reception desk, visitors can see the editions of the Foundation that are for sale, as well as a stand exhibiting the latest publications and the most recent acquisitions of the Lending Library.

On the 1st Floor, visitors can find the largest part of the circulating collection, which includes books on many and various topics arranged thematically. There are books regarding general interest subjects, literature—the largest and most sought-after part of the collection—, history, as well as a rapidly growing foreign-languages section. Members can browse the stacks and select books to borrow on their own or with the assistance of a librarian.

On the same floor, the Computer room is located. Its users get an internet access password valid for two hours from the reception desk. There is also the audiovisual material, which is not loaned out but can be used in-situ in the Computer room .

On the 2nd Floor, lies the Children and Youth section; the Reference material section, containing material not for loan, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries and illustrated editions; the journals section (including literary and scientific periodical editions); and the Library’s Reading room. In the Reading room members can study on-site the reference material.

The 3rd Floor contains exclusively the Maritime section of the Library. This section comprises a general collection of books and journals relating to maritime matters, such as maritime professions, maritime history, maritime technology etc. It also includes several individual collections, e.g. the Delwaide collection of Maritime Law publications, the Constantinos Laskaridis fishing collection, the maritime collection of Vice-Admiral Ntounis, etc.

The 4th, 5th and 6th Floors host material currently under procession by the library personnel. Presently they are not open to the public.

Finally, on the 7th floor there is the Library’s Conference room. Members can use the water cooler and the automatic coffee machine for free. There are also tables available for studying or refreshment.

A wi-fi network is available everywhere in the Library and can be used with passwords provided by the reception desk.

The Lending Library is open to the public Monday through Friday 09.00 – 20.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 14.00.