The corpus of our Historical Library is housed in a renovated neoclassical building at the intersection of 2nd Merarchias and Aktis Moutsopoulou, in Passalimani, Piraeus. On the ground floor, the Library’s most important collections, with the oldest and most rare books, are exhibited; on the first floor, the more modern, research-oriented collections are housed. The rest of the Historical Library book collections as well as its archives are divided between the Lending Library, on 173, Kountouriotou Str., and our offices on Praxitelous Str.

The Historical Library is not a lending library. Its target audience are researchers, scholars, and students. It comprises very important in content and valuable books, including some incunabula and a large number of old and rare first editions. All areas and bookcases can be visited by users, escorted by Foundation staff. Nevertheless, to ensure the safety and preservation of the items, direct contact with the shelved books is not allowed.  The books can be accessed only with the assistance and supervision of the librarians in charge. Due to the Foundation’s sensitivity to everything regarding the promotion of knowledge and research, there are no restrictions to the access of the Library. The only requirement is to register, free of charge, as a member, using the Historical Library Access Request Form. Books can be read in the Library’s Reading Room, in a suitably arranged space, under our staff’s supervision and depending on the rarity and condition of the requested items. You can access our material for on-site reading by filling the Historical Library Book Request Form, preferably at least two days before your visit.

Photographing the material is allowed, depending on the books’ condition; members can photograph a book themselves under supervision, or they can request to have it photographed by the Library for a small fee (0.20 € per page for digital copies and 0.25 € per page for printed copies, up to fifteen pages a day). For practical reasons, and mainly for the books’ safety and maintenance, a user can consult up to two books simulteaneously.

The building has a Wi-Fi network which our members can access free of charge. The Library is open to the public from 09:00 to 17:00. Small changes in schedule are possible, due to the use of the Library premises for educational programmes, events, meetings and conferences. In such cases, the Foundation will always post in advance an announcement to our website.

Terms of use for old and rare materials (incunabula – early printed books – unique copies)

The Historical Library boasts a large number of old and rare printed materials. Due to the sensitivity of said materials, access to them and any reproduction of their content is provided after consideration of the request and only with the Foundation’s approval. The applicant submits the filled access request form, stating the purpose of his/her research, and whether the research will be published and how. Then, he/she receives and fills in and a rare material request form, justifying why the physical copy is required for the research (i.e. why studying a digitized copy is not enough). The Foundation shall decide on the request as soon as possible.

If the request is approved, at the attendance of the area the researcher must submit a statement that the research material will not be used commercially (form provided by the library).

Studying the rare materials takes place in the Library, at a time set in advance, under supervision of the staff and with the use of any protective measure indicated (base, gloves, etc.). Researchers can bring: laptop/ tablet, notebook and pencils. The staff’s guidance must always be respected. Photographing or any other form of reproduction of the material is not allowed, unless with the written permission of the Foundation.

The above apply to the collections:

  • Oikonomopoulos / Bibliotheca Graeca
  • Panagiotis Laskaridis (publications before 1900)
  • Constantinos Laskaridis (publications before 1900)
  • Delwaide old (publications before 1900),
  • And for individual items from other collections where appropriate (unique, rare, or worn items).

If such materials are necessary for your research, please contact our staff by email or by phone (2104523937 Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00), at least one week in advance.

Our staff is at your disposal for further clarification.


Historical Library Access Request Form

Historical Library Book Request Form