Dr. Iris Panagiotopoulou, with respect and love for the place, describes in detail the evolution of Chora of Hydra, from a mountain enclosed village to a proud state open to the sea and finally to a beautiful historical settlement. Her multi-year study, solidly documented, presents the natural landscape and its impact on the settlers, the way it spread from the mountain to the beach, recognizes and relates families and homes and investigates the urban structure of the settlement from ancient times to the present. Finally, it deals with the location, identification and connection of each building with the history of the families that inhabited it, citing a number of photographs, old and new. The rich documentation from the archives of the Historical Archive – Museum of Hydra (IAMY), the General State Archives, the National Historical Museum, the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive and others, makes this project a valuable source for future studies that will surely emerge.