The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation is a public benefit cultural institution established in spring 2007 by Presidential Decree, signed by the the Ministries of Culture, Education, Maritime Affairs and Economy (GG 606 / 24.4.2007). Its founders are Panos Laskaridis and the unforgettable Marilena Laskaridis.

Purpose of the Foundation is the promotion -in Greece and abroad- of Greek culture and especially Greek letters and historical and nautical research, as well as the operation of a library named “Kaiti Laskaridis Library”.

As an active and vibrant cultural, educational organization, the Foundation organizes and executes a large number of educational, cultural and educational programs each year. Target audience is the general public, with specific interest in the student and educational communities with educational programs that involve more than 30,000 children each year.

At the same time, the Foundation plans and organizes a series of events, lectures and conferences every year in many areas of literature and culture in general, with the participation of distiguished members of the Academic and University community from Greece and abroad. The Board of Directors of the Foundation consists of members of the Panos Laskaridis family. Following the untimely loss of Marilena Laskaridis in August 2015, the Foundation is run by her daughter, Katerina. Work is coordinated and approved by a scientific committee composed by academics, chaired by Athanasios Fokas, distinguished Professor of the University of Cambridge and member of the Academy of Athens.

The Foundation is undertaking broader initiatives to save and preserve Greek maritime history and heritage. This includes the complete renovation and restoration of the stone-built lighthouses of Capes Tainaron, Cape Maleas and the Dana lighthouse of Poros island. The Foundation also has an important maritime collection and the largest collection outside the UK of personal items, letters and documents associated with the British Admiral Lord Horation Nelson.

The Foundation is housed in two renovated neoclassical mansions in Piraeus, at Praxitelous str. 169 and at 2nd Merarchias 36 and in a seven-storey new building at Kountouriotou str 173. Recently, the Foundation has also added the historic building of the Zanneio Boys’ Orphanage in Piraeus, which was founded in 1874 by Eleni Zannis, the widow of the benefactor Nikitas Tzannes or Zannis. The Foundation’s Historical Library currently treasures some 450,000 volumes and is constantly enriched with new acquisitions.

All the activities of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation are presented through this website that aspires to make its work known to the public.