Kaiti Laskaridou Library is a lively hub of knowledge, education and culture. Located in the centre of Pireaus, it offers a friendly, informal atmosphere, open to all. Its mission is to offer access to knowledge, promote love for reading and supplement education.

It is not addressed to a particular public; on the contrary, it aspires to meet the many and various needs of the visitor, in the best possible way.

Kaiti Laskaridou Lending Library is situated in a seven-story building on 173, Kountouriotou Street. It operates on a membership basis.

Member of the Library can become anyone interested in the collections and services of the library, regardless of age or place of residence.

The process of subscription is minimal. The applicant provides his or her identification information and the annual fee of twenty (20) euros. He or she is then issued a member card and can use all Library services.

The Lending Library is accessible to all members, who can browse the stacks and choose the books they wish to borrow. It goes without saying that they can always ask our librarians for help or use the search engine of our website.

The circulating collection is shelved by subject and covers as fully as possible all the main subjects of knowledge. It consists of 30,000 works, which have come to the collection either as donations from members and friends of the Library or as purchases, when it is considered necessary to enrich the collection.

Each member can borrow up to three books at any time, for a period of 15 days. They have the option of renewal (by telephone) for another 15 days, as long as the title in question has not been requested by another member. Books that are loaned out can be reserved by request; as soon as the book is returned, the librarians inform the member by telephone that the title is available and keep it on reserve for two working days. If it is not collected, it will become available to the next person on the reservation list.

Members’ rights, as well as details regarding loans, donations etc. are thoroughly explained in the Library’s Regulations.

Part of the collection consists of reference material, i.e. encyclopedias, dictionaries and illustrated editions. Reference material is not loaned out. Members can consult it in the Library’s Reading room, with an additional option of photocopying or photographing part of the material.

The Computer room on the first floor is available to all members, offering free and unlimited access to the internet. Wi-fi is of course available everywhere in the building, allowing members to bring their laptop to work on, if they so wish.

The Reading room on the second floor is offered for on-site study of library material.