The repair of Offshore Patrol Coast Guard / Greek Coast Guard is finally complete.

A small Ceremony was held on Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 10:00 in the patio area on the 5th floor of the Ministry of Marine and Island Policy, to thank the donors, Panos and Thanassis Laskaridis. After that, a visit to the ship, alonside the pier next to the building of the Ministry took place.

Other invitees to the ceremony, besides the  Laskaridis family, were the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, former Ministers, the CINC of the Fleet and personalities of the Hellenic shipping family.

The whole project has been sponsored by Panos and Thanassis Laskaridis and comes at a very crucial moment, as the 300 tons patrol ship, which was laid up since ten years ago, will be operated by the Coast Guard primarily in the eastern Aegean, where pressures from refugee and migrant flows are very large.

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