The conference “Bullying: It Affects Us All” was held to a phenomenal response on Monday 27 April 2015 at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus.

The massive interest from instructors working in all levels of education, students and citizens at large was a testament to the effect and outreach of violence in schools, as well as to the growing need for prevention and resolution.

The event opened to introductions from the Foundation’s Vice President, Mrs. Marilena Laskaridis, the Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Yiannis Panousis, the University of Athens’ Dean of Academic Affairs and International Relations, Mr. Constantine Bourazelis and Special Scientist and Representative of the Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, Ms. Matina Poulou. A greeting was also submitted by Mr. Stavros Giagazoglou, Councilman of the Ministry of Education and Supervisor of the Institute of Educational Policy. The commencement address by Mr. Manos Sfakianakis, General of the Hellenic Police Force and Director of the Cyber Crime Division, addressed the hot-button issue of “Safe usage of the Internet: Myth & reality”.

All of the speeches contributed to a multifaceted and dynamic approach to the bullying epidemic, from both practical and theoretical standpoints.

The conference was concluded with a presentation from Ms. Katerina Laskaridou, a specially trained educator and psychologist, responsible for the Mental Health Programs of the “Aikaterini Laskaridis” Foundation, who emphasised the need for continued action and awareness in order to combat this challenging issue.

For more information regarding this event, please consult the Greek press release, available here.