The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation has the great pleasure and honor to welcome for the first time in Greece the philosopher, theoretician of literature and essayist Mikhail Epstein.

Mikhail Epstein, currently Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Cultural Theory and Russian Literature at Emory University, USA, with a long academic career, is one of the most famous and internationally renowned theorists of culture and literature, connoisseur of Russian philosophy and literature, with research interests ranging from humanities and postmodernism to semiotics and language evolution.

Invited by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation with the occasion of his first book translated in Greek, “Humanities inventions and moral uniqueness” (ed. Roes), Mikhail Epstein will present on Tuesday, April 17 at 19.00 the project at an event to be held in the Historical Library of the Foundation. In this book, the author poses and attempts to answer burning questions about the present and the future of humanities, through six essays, where the reader has the opportunity to experience the breadth of Epstein’s thinking, which is extensively presented in Greek for first time. Professor Epstein’s work be discussed with George Pinakoulas, translators, and Dr. Nikitas Siniosoglou, researcher of the National Research Center, author of the introduction of the publication.

“The future of Humanities” is the topic of an open discussion to be held on Wednesday 18 April, where Mikhail Epstein will talk with students, teachers and young researchers about the need for a new, practical dimension in the humanities, emphasizing their constructive rather than purely scholarly aspects. An analysis is offered of various types of inventions in the fields of linguistics, philosophy, art, and literature, such as new disciplines, genres, cultural practices, and intellectual movements. Following Francis Bacon’s call for the invention of new arts and sciences, the presentation outlines new disciplines: technohumanities, which would study humans as a part of the technosphere; horrology, which would investigate the self-destructive mechanisms of civilization; and scriptorics, which would focus on Homo scriptor, who has survived “the death of the author.” A research and educational program, uniting major fields of the humanities, is proposed: PILLAR (the acronym of philosophy, information, language, literature, art, religion) would be a transdisciplinary strategy integrating scholarship and inventorship.

For attending the open discussion with Mikhail Epstein, please send a confirmation e-mail at by Friday 30 April 2018, containing the number of students and teachers that will participate and contact details.


Tuesday 17 April 2018, at 19.00

Presentation of Mikhail Epstein’s book “ Humanities inventions and moral uniqueness”


Mikhail Epstein, author

George Pinakoulas, translator

Nikitas Siniosoglou, DPhil, researcher of the National Research Center


Wednesday 18 April 2018, at 11.00-13.00

“The future of Humanities”

Open discussion with pupils, teachers, students and young researchers

For attending the open discussion with Mikhail Epstein, please send an e-mail at by containing your affiliation and contact details.


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