Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation-Announcement: Student Wikipedia contest

Announcement: Student Wikipedia contest

Check out the contest material and get ideas, choose the articles you are interested in, become a Wikipedian and claim a tablet!

The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation announces a Panhellenic school Wikipedia article contest for fifth and sixth grade students of Primary School and all grades of Gymnasium, of all public and private schools in Greece.

                                       Inspired by poetry – Sharing knowledge!

Application is required!

How well do we know how to use Wikipedia? How can we create articles or enrich existing ones with new information? How can we all become co-creators of knowledge in the modern, global encyclopedia?

Wikipedia  is the modern form of encyclopedia and gives access to knowledge to a large number of people worldwide to create or complement knowledge. Wikipedia aims to provide freely reusable content, with objective and verifiable data, that anyone can modify and improve. (source: Wikipedia).

The aim of the competition is for students to find information and complete or create articles on Wikipedia for poets, through suggested bibliography and their own sources. The ultimate goal is to enrich knowledge on Greek letters and culture.


*Important note: Before selecting articles, please see the article writing instructions (create an account) and then register on Wikipedia with the usernames you will use. You then apply using the same usernames you registered on Wikipedia.

Students of the fifth or sixth grade of Primary School or the A’, B’, C’ grade of Gymnasium, throughout the country, have the right to participate.

More information, terms and conditions of participation at the relevant links.

Any article that is committed to editing/creating, if not worked on for two weeks, will be released to be available to other users.

The competition is conducted within the framework of the project “Creation, Promotion and Exploitation of Digital Cultural Reserve”, Call Code 118, and with the Issuing Authority: ESA EPANEK, with the project entitled: “From the Aegean to the Ionian: A sea of knowledge. Preservation, management and promotion of the historical archive of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation” and is implemented in collaboration with PostScriptum.

*Contest conducted in greek.