The Foundation’s Historical Library is a “library of libraries”. Established in 2013, it collects, preserves and highlights the libraries of eminent figures in literature, arts and sciences. It contains a vast array of literature, mainly of Greek interest, with the aim to provide accessibility to researchers and the general public alike.  

The collections that make up the Historical Library maintain their unity, reflecting the research interests or collector focus of the former owners, and each collection is catalogued independently. All catalogued collections are accessible through the online catalogue of the Historical Library

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General subjects

Ancient Greece and Byzantium

Within our collections, readers can discover a near-complete corpus of ancient Greek and Byzantine literature in various editions, ranging from early printed books (15th-16th century) to standard critical editions. The original sources are complemented by various studies on the ancient and Byzantine world, primarily of philological, historical, and archaeological interest.

Modern and Contemporary Greece

Travellers' accounts


Shipping and the Sea

Other arts and sciences

Old and Rare material

Named Collections
The Historical Library's Collections owners
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Digital Library
Digitized rare material from the Historical Library's Collections

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Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation-Conservation Lab

Conservation Lab

The modern laboratory for the conservation of library and archival material operates with the aim of preserving, restoring and protecting the Foundation's collections.
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Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation-Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities

The Foundation's digital projects, with free access for anyone interested, give a new dimension to historical, anthropological and sociological research.
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