Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation-Participation in the International Digital Humanities Awards

Participation in the International Digital Humanities Awards

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We are delighted to announce that has been nominated for a Digital Humanities Award in the category of Best DH Data visualization! 

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The website serves as an invaluable digital resource, tracking the dispersion of 15th-century books preserved in libraries across Greece. It offers a user-friendly and clear way for visualizing the results of extensive research into the oldest printed treasures held in Greek libraries.   

Through this platform, 548 book copies from 48 libraries nationwide are mapped and documented, with a focus on their material evidence, including stamps, annotations, ownership marks, and bindings, in collaboration with the international database Material Evidence in Incunabula. This comprehensive approach transforms each copy into a vivid source of information, revealing insights into historical patterns of book distribution, trade, and pricing. Additionally, it sheds light on the identities of book owners, their reading preferences, as well as the enduring legacy of significant libraries all over Greece.