Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation-Book review:

Book review: "The collaborators"

Ένοπλη, πολιτική και οικονομική συνεργασία στα χρόνια της Κατοχής.

The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation hosts the presentation of Menelaos Charalambides’ book, The Collaborators, by “Alexandria” publications, on Wednesday, February 7, at 19.00, at the Historical Library.

In this book we follow the political, economic and armed cooperation with the occupier, as it manifested itself in the prefecture of Attica during the Occupation. Through the study of archives that are made public for the first time, the action of those who collaborated is described, the reasons and mechanisms of development of the phenomenon of cooperation are examined, as well as the political and economic conditions that favored its appearance.

The policies followed by the three Greek occupation governments, the role of merchants, industrialists, civil engineers and others in financial transactions with the occupiers, the action of the Greek Royal Gendarmerie and the Security Battalions, the Greek SS agents and others, who formed the armed arm of the cooperation, and their judicial treatment after the end of the occupation are at the heart of this study.


Eleni Kyramargiou, Historian, Research Associate IHR/NHRF.
Nikos Belavilas, Professor of Urban Planning and History of the city, NTUA.
Dimitris Christopoulos, Dean of the School of Political Sciences, Panteion University.