Resolving conflicts through school mediation

Mediation Program

The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, in collaboration with the “Civil Non-Profit Company DIALOGOS NPO” are implementing a training program in school mediation in schools in Attica.

School Mediation is a method of preventing and dealing with incidents of low to medium severity school violence, with the aim of creating a climate of intolerance of violence in the school unit and consequent benefits of reducing school violence, creating a climate of understanding and mutual understanding among members of the school community and preventing and / or limiting incidents of school bullying. Through school mediation, which is independent of the school’s disciplinary procedures, students gain a space to resolve disputes that might not appear in another context, and would remain unresolved, creating more and possibly more intense conflicts in the future, which also has a direct impact on students’ performance, which improves as a result of both their release from stressful conflicts,  and by improving their self-esteem.

Students who will be trained to become school mediators are taught the necessary skills to help other classmates resolve conflicts between them in a safe environment, while at the same time they are trained and empowered in a way that they can meaningfully offer to their classmates.

School mediation substantially and greatly improves the school climate, promoting communication, a sense of “belonging” and dialogue between members of the school community. Experientially teaches students to take responsibility for their behavior, learn to listen to others’ opinions and express their opinions freely, to understand and express their feelings, and to feel ready to take responsibility for their behavior, knowing that they will be treated with understanding and fairness.


Aims & Objectives

  • Training of teachers and students in School Mediation
  • Promotion and implementation of School Mediation in the field of education.
  • Creation of groups of students – mediators in each school unit, through educational circles (clubs) conducted by trained teachers
  • Training of teachers: a) the principles and skills of school mediation, b) the creation of a group of pupils-mediators in the school unit where they are employed and c) the promotion of school mediation so that it becomes more widely known to students, the other teachers of the unit, their parents, but also to the community