Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation-New donation of a support vessel to the Hellenic Navy by shipowner Panos Laskaridis

New donation of a support vessel to the Hellenic Navy by shipowner Panos Laskaridis

After the donation of the naval cadet training ship “KYKNOS” and the fleet support ships “ATLAS”, “HERCULES” and “AIAS”, this is the donation of the fifth and largest ship to the Hellenic Navy that will join the Hellenic Navy with the name of “PERSEUS”. The 105 meters long surface unit incorporates a number of important technological innovations that will support and augment the operational capabilities of the Hellenic Fleet to a great extent.

The ship underwent a major overhaul in 2007, at a cost of 50 million USD. She has a hybrid propulsion installation, electric propulsion with minimal acoustic signature, great excess of electrical power, reaching 11MW, maximum speed of 17 knots, the ability to transport and deliver at sea F-76 fuel of about 3,000 cubic meters, a helipad suitable for all single main rotor helicopter types of the Hellenic Armed Forces and though not equipped with the scientific equipment, she has capability to support seismic and geophysical research missions.

The ship also has two very large covered decks and an inclined stern from which fast boats can be launched and lifted, as well as three powerful cranes with a capacity of 10 tons.

The Navy will be able to use the ship in a number of important military and humanitarian tasks. The ship can accommodate large numbers of military personnel and heavy equipment in her protected and covered decks, and the equipment can be launched and recovered speedily.

In peacetime, due to her very large accommodation capacity she can operate as a hospital ship, a ship providing specialized medical care to our islands and for the long annual educational trips of the students of the Hellenic Naval Academy.

The ship is in Norway and is expected to arrive at the Naval Base of Salamis during the summer, to be handed over to the Hellenic Navy and join the Fleet.

The Laskaridis family is grateful for the opportunity given by our Navy to offer the Fleet Support Ship “PERSEUS” in another effort to upgrade the operational capability of our Fleet.